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Lead better meetings, classes, and presentations with Polly. 1 Feb 2019 Make your audience feel more involved and motivated by enabling them to contribute to your presentations. Mentimeter shows the results live  4 Aug 2017 Menti Bella supports the needs of busy families who are unable to attentively care for their adult families members during work hours, or in need  14 Apr 2021 Looking for an alternative to Mentimeter? As professional public speakers, we've tried over 30 presentation software, and here's the answer. Enter the code and participate. Let's hear your opinion!

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From the Edit View you can open voting again by unchecking the box “Close voting” in the “Customize” tab. For how long is my voting code valid? Find out when the code expires and what you can do if you want to send out instructions before the presentation. Use Mentimeter for free or find the best deals and solutions for your corporation, business or department. We also offer educational and university discounts. Share your opinion during Mentimeter presentations with the Menti voting app via your smartphone or tablet. Join the session by simply entering the digit code and answer the questions the presenter has prepared for you!


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An editor that starts a voting session can customize its name, duration, number of votes per person, and objects for voting. Voting duration can be set up from 1 minute up to 99 hours.

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Menti vote

Enter the question you want to ask your audience. 3. Enter the alternatives that your audience can vote on. 2019-12-23 · Examples of how can help you facilitate distributed sessions Published on December 23, 2019 December 23, 2019 • 58 Likes • 14 Comments. After everyone has voted, 2014-11-09 · The below image shows an Android device being used to cast a vote.

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The code is found on the screen in front of you.
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Voti started as a ScaniaHack 2019 project and has now grown into a complete platform for interactive presentations, polls, surveys and more.. The app is very similar to with the big difference that this is developed in-house at Scania with no restrictions, no cost, no limitations. EARLY MORNING MENTI QUIZ SESSION || FULL BIOLOGY CLASS 10 CHAPTER 10 || EDUMANTRA BY SANJIV PANDEY SIR Complete Detail Explanation In Simple Words. BEST Menti Poll Coupon. 30% off Offer Details: Menti Poll Coupon.

You can poll  Digitalize absentee votes at your next annual general meeting by offering your shareholders the option to vote online. Learn more about POLYAS now! 24 Jul 2017 To poll or not to poll, that is the question!
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$1000 off Offer Details: Offer Details: Offer Details: Mentimeter Voting Coupon - $1000 off Offer Details: Mentimeter Code Coupon -

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Om det finns behov av mer avancerade röstningsfunktioner så rekommenderar vi Easymeet (se  Skapa en fråga med svarsalternativ och låt elever/deltagare rösta(mentimeter sammanställer svaren). Det som krävs för att rösta är en mobil,  Enter the code and participate. Let's hear your opinion! The most usual way for your audience to start voting is to go to and enter that code in the text field: 2. Join via a QR code Another way to join the voting is connecting to the presentation via QR code. Mentimeter is a free live polling tool for engaging audiences of all sizes. Use live polls, Q&A and open responses to help you listen to your audience and enable everyone to contribute using their smartphones.