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These heads are capable of making your XL or Buell absolutely rip! Like the Stage 1 service, the Stage 2 service includes porting on a state-of-the-art CNC machine to ensure a quality and performance level simply not achievable with hand porting. The Integrated Engineering CNC Ported cylinder head program provides large power gains from the middle of the power band all the way to redline. Large airflo 2016-12-18 Performance CNC Ported Cylinder Head Upgrade For Harley-Davidson M8. Our performance CNC cylinder head upgrade service has been developed with our 120CI and 124CI pistons in mind. We take your stock heads and turn them into the ultimate performance cylinder head for all H-D Milwaukee Eight models.

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Remove stock clutch. Swap stock heads for a set of CycleRama CNC ported heads Twin Cam Hi-Power (CNC Ported) "MIT" Billet Aluminum Heads for the Harley- Davidson™ 96-110 Twin Cam models. Racing / Competition use only. CNC Ported Heads offer a cost-effective approach to upgrading the performance of your motorcycle. The intake and exhaust ports are meticulously machined for  Unmatched Precision, Superior CNC Porting with consistent results, User friendly Block Blueprinting and Machining. CNC port Cylinder Heads and machine  NOT IN STOCK ORDER SPECIFIC FOR ENGINE BUILD CALL THE SHOP 07- 56581358 S&S CNC Cyclinder head porting is available for 1999-2016 big twin  Big Boyz Head Porting is taking a different approach to Harley-Davidson be achieved by using my STREET HEADS over Screamin Eagle (H-D) and others. Features new CNC-ported heads with 1mm bigger valves and fully machined combustion chambers.

This will maximize air flow while maintaining   All port work, valve and valve seat work, cc' and surfaced for the dedicated combination, very similar to our famous Stage II's. No flow testing, although we have  DC V-Twin offers custom cylinder head porting to maximize the overall No CNC machine can match this type of personal eye to hand expertise. CYLINDER HEAD PORTING BEFORE AND AFTER ON HD HOOLIGAN EXHAUST PORT.

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This is a high quality upgrade to improve flow over a O.E. cylinder head. Stage 1.8-This fully CNC Ported head is designed for 95, 98, 103, or 107 kits. 2011-09-22 HD Street Performance . Welcome to HD Street Performance, formerly Head Designs by Dewey We are dedicated to performing head porting and supplying engine packages for HD motorcycles.

Hd cnc ported heads

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Hd cnc ported heads

Myth #5. Because It’s Ported, It’s Good For My Application Here is a gigantic misconception. With the advent of CNC you have a lot of performance shops and even CNC shops selling heads and selling them in one configuration. All of the them are ported to the max, with an oversize valve and flow insane numbers at max lift. CNC HEAD PORTING For Sportster Unlike Big Twin heads, HD has produced a Red shows the same bike with a set of our standard SLEDGE ported EFI 1200 heads and a From an Electra to a Skylark, Buick cylider heads deserve 5-Axis CNC and More Horsepower too. This combination of Performer RPM heads, optimized flow, and port shape will wake up that 455.

Hd cnc ported heads

We meticulously CNC machine both intake and 2020-09-25 The first release — P/N: 030630CNC — is a 26-degree BBC head, with a 365cc CNC intake runner, 128cc CNC-profiled combustion chamber, along with 2.350-inch intake and 1.880-inch exhaust valves. As you can see by the flow numbers, these new CNC-ported heads are a significant improvement over the previous big-dog Merlin cast-iron cylinder head The ported cylinder heads for my 2002 Silverado 5.3L have arrived.
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Hd cnc ported heads

HD Street Performance Welcome to HD Street Performance, formerly Head Designs by Dewey We are dedicated to performing head porting and supplying engine packages for HD motorcycles. Our goal is to provide reliable, fun to ride, and cost effective parts matched to the riders’ needs and budget. 1 Pair of Complete GMM CNC Ported LS1 (241) Heads and Valves - "Change Over" What you get CNC ported intake and exhaust port ultra sonic process 16 valves ground 8 intake valve seats turned on Newen At this time all of our heads are Hand Ported. I have established dimensions I use and consistently can duplicate the product as verified on a flow bench.

Numbers are 101 hp and 103 tq. All H-D screamin eagle parts.
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$1025.00 is for one ported head, no other parts included. CNC ported and port design by HVH. We start with Dart 200cc/49cc head and CNC port them to 217cc intake runners and 63cc combustion chambers.

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Relying upon over 40 years of HEMI experience as it applies to drag racing, and other competitive automotive sports, our heads are sure to exceed your expectations. CYLINDER HEAD KIT CNC PORTED BLKNC: KIT-CYL HD CNC PRTD BLK NON-CURRENT: MSRP:$899.95 PRICE: $807.63: 16500379: Screamin Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Engine CNC Ported Every R&R head he produces is CNC ported to meet the specific requirements for a particular application utilizing Reggie’s proprietary Cross Sectional Flow Analysis. So every R&R head has the PERFECT match of port volume and shape to meet the SPECIFIC appetite of the engine it will feed. Muzzys Doug Meyer on Competition CNC's 1427cc 2000 zx12r at Loring Maine, 219 mph/ 226 hp pump gas engine. Doug Gregory's Gen1 zx14 street bike with the Super sport head and cam package.